Re;collective Milan

Dropcity is part of tactical urbanism initiatives in Milan.The initiative aims to reuse the disused tunnels of the Milano Centrale Station.

In the preliminary stage, an event was held in conjunction with the Milan Design Week, where we organized and designed one of the exhibition venues. We asked RE;CODE, a Korean upcycling brand, to join us in this initiative for a sustainable urban environment.
Considering a more sustainable future for Japan and Korea, we decided to include China, our neighbor, in this project. We thought that a good relationship among the three countries would contribute to a greater sustainability.

We had sent a table made from salvaged materials of the Inokashira House by Boat, rather than by plane, for sustainability reasons. Unfortunately, it did not arrive in time for the exhibition, and we could not present it to the public.
Later, a decision was made to reuse the fixtures used at the exhibition as furniture at Dropcity, and the table was incorporated as part of it.

Title: Re;collective Milan
Architect: Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects(DEKASEGI) 
Project team: Ou Ueno, Fuka Nakahara
Location: Via Sammartini 44 20125 Milano, IT
Usage: Exhibition
Construction: TANK(DEKASEGI)
Number of stories: 1
Floor area: 350㎡
Structure: –
Date of completion: April 2023
Photographer: Takumi Ota

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