Karimoku60 Jiyugaoka

Karimoku developed Karimoku 60 in 1962 as the company’s first in-house product. It is a long-selling product created by selecting the simplest pieces of furniture for export, which were manufactured using only wooden parts at the time and modifying them for Japanese homes. It is available in one-seater and two-seater, with various wood finishes and fabric upholstery. The company also developed tables and shelves in this line at the same time. Karimoku’s main store has a storage capacity that allows customers to see all 54 products displayed in multiple stacks. While this may be convenient for those who already know what they want, it is more like a showroom in a sense. Essentially, a store should be a place where people who are not yet interested in buying are lured in through the window to make a purchase. Therefore, we decided to create a store that could facilitate organizing events and other plans for each season while accommodating a large volume of products. For this purpose, we designed the store with movable steel racks to provide a system in which movable fixtures facilitate changing the store layout to meet different needs.


title:Karimoku60 Jiyugaoka
Architects:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects
project team:Tomomi Ishibashi
address:JIYUGAOKA de aone 2F, 2-15-4, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Total floor area : 264m²
photo:Kenta Hasegawa

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