LLOVE is an experimental art project. It was organized by the Dutch Embassy in Japan and the local authorities of Nara Prefecture. It was open for a month, and was the first art exhibition where visitors were able to stay overnight. Suzanne Oxenaar, artistic director of LLOYD HOTEL in Amsterdam, had a series of concepts for the project: ‘an inconspicuous reception,’ ‘rooms can be selected according to your mood,’ and ‘they are hotels filled with love.’ Based on these concepts, Jo Nagasaka took charge of the spatial design, planning and management as the architectural director. He designed ‘a room with a rolling bed that needs three people to rotate.’  He was also responsible for the communal spaces including the cafe.
Participating designers included Thonik, Pieke Bergmans, Richard Hutten, Joep van Rieshaut, Ryuji Nakamura, Yuko Nagayama, Hideyuki Nakayama, Jo Nagasaka and others.
Sponsors for the exhibition included Transit General Office Inc., CIBONE, Utrecht, RealTokyoEstate.co.jp and many others.

Title: LLOVE
Architect: Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects
Location: Daikanyama I studio 1-36-10 Ebisu-nishi,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
Usage: Exhibition
Organizers: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands & Nara Prefecture
Concept Director: Suzanne Oxenaar
Architectural Director: Jo Nagasaka
Supervision: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Executive committee: Naoko Aono/Yoko Shimada, Labo85/Nobuyuki Fukui, Roovice/Florianne Eshuis, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy/Renate Schepen, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Designer: Jo Nagasaka , Richard Hutten , Joep Van Lieshout , Pieke Bergmans , Ryuji Nakamura , Scholten & Baijings , Hideyuki Nakayama , Yuko Nagayama , Thonik
Creators : Kozo Kadowaki , A+Sa , Kenji Wada , Mihoko Mori , Shuhei Nakamura, Josep Barahonavies, Yoko Shimada, Jinsuke Mizuno, Whatever Press
Supporter: Utrecht , CIBONE , E&Y CO.,LTD. , RealTokyoEstate.co.jp, ROOVICE. Inc, Karimoku Furniture Inc., Frans de la Haye, J-WAVE
Management: Transit General Office
Sponsors: AHREND, AUPING, BRIEFING, Fonds BKVB, HOTTA Handywood Co.,Ltd., JINS, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, KOMATSU SEIREN Co.,Ltd.,greenbiz, Mondriaan Foundation, Netherlands Bureau of Tourism and Conventions, NIKON CORPORATION, NL EVD International, partycompany Inc., PHILIPS ELECTRONICS JAPAN, Premsela Foundation, ReBITA Inc., Surutokoro, TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
Cooperation:Aesop, ASPLUND Co.,ltd, AXSON JAPAN KK, BEAMS, e15 | by hhstyle.com, edaya, Electrolux, Frans de la Haye, GMA-Earth, Heineken Kirin K.K., Nakamura paint Co., Ltd., NANASAI CO., LTD., Ohta Publications, TabletHotels.com, Toso Company, Ltd., ochiai-seisakusyo Co., Ltd., UNIQUE LIFE CO., LTD., ART NISHIMURA CO., LTD., REVAX Inc., UCHIDA YOKO CO., LTD., COSMOS INITIA Co.,Ltd.  MODULAR LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS, REALFLEET, ANGULO (Teppei Ishioka), Dynaudio Japan Co.,Ltd., winroader/ecoland
Period: June 2010
Photo: Takumi Ota

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