I routinely look for Konstantin Grcic-designed eyeglasses at JINS stores, and the moment I walk into any of the stores, I can tell if they have them or not. The product layout at JINS is so easy to understand, and it makes sense for an eyewear store. But this time, since this JINS store is located in a floor mainly for a Muji store, our idea was to make a store where customers can circulate freely and enjoy looking for something, just like they usually do in a lifestyle store. In the new store, we used standard unit shelves from Muji. By placing them randomly, and creating original items including displays, cabinets mirror, signs, and lighting that are attached to the shelves in a random fashion, we were able to create a store where people can enjoy looking for the unpredictable. In the JINS store at Loft that we designed, we used colorful sponges to display glasses. This time, we used molded pulp trays made of a recyclable and environmentally friendly material to display glasses. They bring out the color of the material itself and are in line with Muji’s aesthetics. We chose the material because it has a beautifully plain texture, and provides enough shock absorption to keep even eggs from cracking.

Title: JINS Sharestar Hakodate shop

Architect: Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects

Project team: Zhiyan Wang, Kotaro Shimada

SPACE CO., LTD. (interior)
MURAYAMA INC.(pulp tray, basket)

Ryohin Keikaku Co.,Ltd. (steel unit shelf)

Location: 24-1 1F Sharestar Hakodate,Honcho, Hakodate, Hokkaido

Usage: Shop (eyewear)

Total floor area: 99.28㎡

Structure: Reinforced-Concrete

Completion date: April 2021

Photography: Tomoyuki Kusunose


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