Thisresidentsisa maisonette-type, 3-storey apartment built with reinforced concrete in the low0rise residential district near JR Nakagami Station in Akishima. We designed an apartment with garages in order to fit the suburban lifestyle that requires a car for daily use. The holes seen on the surfaces of the concrete walls are byproducts of the concrete-mouldingprocess. They are normally filled up to finish the process to make a flat wall, but we decided to keep them and also made metal joints to be fixed to the halls. These enable the residents to attach furniture much more easily to remodel their space as they like.

architects:Jo Nagasaka+Daisuke Motogi/Schemata Architects
address: Akishima Tokyo
construction:Hukuwa construction company
floor area:1.084.58m²
photo:Daici Ano

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