Fuji Sangyo OFFICE
This is interior design of office/showroom space with floor area of 626 square meters. Through a series of workshops with the company executive and staffs in various positions, we exchanged ideas and developed our design based on multiple perspectives. Active work areas such as stockroom and packing room are intentionally placed near the entrance so that visitors feel vigor and speed of the company. Floor of these areas are raised so that staff can concentrate on desk works without being seen by visitors.
Products of Fuji Sangyo are very decorative and the showroom is designed to match the product image, and our challenge is to think about how to connect active and informal atmosphere of the office to decorative and special atmosphere of the showroom in transitional sequence. After we designed the basic plan, Rikako Nagashima, graphic designer, collaborated in the design process. Her work is like finishing up a picture book from a rough sketch by defining outlines, applying colors and develop the design three dimensionally.

Title : Fuji Sangyo OFFICE
Architects:Jo Nagasaka+Naoki Takatsuka/Schemata Architects
Location:Kitaaoyama Minato Tokyo
Design: Rikako Nagashima(sign)
Floor area: 626.43m²
Completion :06/2013
Photo: Kenta Hasegawa

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