When epoxy mixed with pigment is poured on an uneven surface, it becomes flat, and different color shades emerge, reflecting the degree of unevenness. The deeper areas become darker, and the shallower areas become clearer. The color shades change according to the difference in thickness, just like the ocean.

Flat Table Raftered

Rectangular-cross-section LVL members with different thicknesses are assembled to make a tabletop, and epoxy mixed with pigment is poured on the uneven surface. It creates horizontal stripes of gradual color shades. We made the prototype using recycled rafters, which is why this piece is called Flat Table Raftered.

Title:Flat Table Raftered

Design:Jo Nagasaka

Project team:Ou Ueno


Production:Karimoku(Wood processing), Shuhei Nakamura(Resin)

Size: W1700 * D720 * H710 / W2050 * D720 * H710


Photo:Taro Mizutani

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