“Slightly oversized furniture”

I designed slightly oversized furniture for a relatively highspace(with 6-meter ceiling height),  containing fitting rooms, hanger racks and a stock room. And it is comprised of industrial materials commonly used in construction sites such as FRP piping, wooden boxes and steel frames.

The slightly oversized furniture is installed in a shop called EN ROUTE, a new fashion brand produced by United Arrows. EN ROUTE is an innovated brand shop where sports, fashion and culture are integrated to offer customers unique and unprecedented shopping experiences.

The facility includes  the running station, as well as the main apparel shop,  contributing to the creation of the brand community. The running station dramatically connects the existing staggered floors with approximately 3.7-meter gap in between, generating active “movements”- which is one ofmain design elements constituting the space.

Architect:Jo Nagasaka/Schemata Architects
Project team: Naoki Takatsuka/Schemata Architects
Location:Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Usage:Apparel shop
Design: Tamotsu Yagi(sign), PARTY(communication design)
Floors:1F+ 2F
Floor area: 1F :155.15㎡  2F:197.0㎡
Completion :09/2014
Photo: Kenta Hasegawa

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