We converted an RC three-storey dental clinic with a residential facility, built 39 years ago in front of Edgawa-daiStation, into a church. Almost as old as the town of Edogawa itself, this building had been much loved by the townspeople as partofthetownscape. We attempted to keep thebuilding’spresenceinthetownevenafteritsconversationto a chapel. The residential space – which occupied the largest part of the building yet had never been open to thepublicthroughtthe39 years – is redesigned to be a church that can be seen through from the street outside. This reflects the client’s intention to let the church be open to and deeply involved in the town.

title:Edogawadai Church
architects:Jo Nagasaka/Schemata Architects
usage: church
construction:Syuhei Nakamura(paint)
floor area:180.27㎡
completion :12/2006
photo: Daici Ano

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