DESCENTE BLANC opened its first store in Beijing, China. It has a floor area of 290㎡, exceptionally large for a DESCENTE BLANC store, which is five times the size of the recently opened store in Sapporo. We redesigned a process in which “a staff member goes to pick up products from stock and deliver them to a customer,” installed a vertically movable hanger rack system to facilitate the process and create a store space that keeps changing from day to day. Until now, hanger racks alone did not provide enough storage and stock spaces enclosed with walls were necessary. In this case, we eliminated fixed storage spaces by incorporating a motorized movable storage system with sufficient storage capacity. In this way, the stock was literally integrated into the store and became something to be displayed. In addition, since the scale of the store is the largest among all DESCENTE BLANC stores, we carefully studied how products will look when a considerable number of vertically movable hanger racks come together, and took advantage of the large frontage and depth of the space to place the vertically movable hanger rack system in such a way that products look attractive when seen from the plaza in front of the store.


Architects:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects

Project team:Yasunori Nakano

Address:19 Sanlitun Rd, San Li Tun, Chaoyang, Beijing, China



Collaboration:village (graphic)


Floor area : 290 m²

Structure : S, RC



Photo:CreatAR Images

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