The ARARIO Museum Tapdong Cinema is the first building ARARIO built in the Tapdong area in Jeju, Korea. It is a tall red building along a main street, making it a landmark of this area highly visible from afar. During our first visit to the area, however, we felt uneasy to see so few people walking around. Also, there were not many people in this museum. In order to improve this situation, we made this cafe accessible from the museum so that it can be used as a museum cafe, and connected it to the city by making it open on the D&DEPARTMENT side. By doing so, we hope to make the museum more approachable and encourage more people to visit the museum. We think this is particularly important, because it will eventually help people understand sincere intentions of ARARIO who strives to create positive changes in this area.

Title: creamm

Architect: Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects 

Project team: Ianis Combes Shota Miyashita

Location: 14 Tapdong-ro ARARIO museum1F, Jeju-si, Jeju-do Korea

Usage: Cafe

Construction: DESIGN E-YEON 

Collaboration: TOPEC(Local Architect)              

Number of stories: 1

Floor area: 98㎡

Structure: RC

Date of completion: March 2020

Photographer: Ju Yeon Lee

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