This cafe stand is located on the first floor of the shopping center NEWoMan next to the west exit of Yokohama Station, and occupies a long and narrow 25-square meter site on a street busy with heavy pedestrian traffic in front of the bus terminal. The shop offers takeaway service only and consists entirely of a takeaway cafe stand enclosed by outswing folding glass doors with no seating areas. When folded open, the folding doors gather into bundles projecting outwards by 1.2 meters, creating small corners for people to linger for a while. We made use of leftover spaces under the counter to store various pieces of furniture including a small condiment station, merchandise display table, and bench, which can be pulled out of the wall to create a small space for customers to enjoy their coffee moments. 

Title:Blue Bottle Coffee NEWoMan YOKOHAMA Cafe Stand
Architect:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects
Project team:Ayami Uchima
Location:1-1-1, Minamisaiwai, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Usage:Cafe stand
Construction : TANK
WHITELIGHT,Ltd (sound plan)
BOOTLEG Ltd. (sign)
ENDO Lighting Corporation(Lighting)
Number of stories: 1 floor above ground shop floor area : 24.94㎡
Type ofstructure:Steel, SRC
Completion:June / 2020
Open:June / 2020
Photo:Takumi Ota

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