This is a proposal for movable outdoor furniture for TOKYO TORCH Park. Since the first building of the TOKYO TORCH urban complex were completed in 2021, and the second building is scheduled to be completed in 2027, the temporary enclosure of the construction site continuously moves, which means that the outdoor furniture has to continuously move, too. For this reason, we proposed furniture that can be moved with a hand-lifter, one of the interface systems we developed as furniture that induces human activity. Administrators of the park can use hand lifters to move tables and chairs with concrete bases. They serve as safe outdoor furniture, as they are very heavy and end-users cannot move them by hand, nor will they topple by strong winds.

Title: Bench/Table/Stool for Tokyo Torch Park

Architect: Jo Nagasaka

Project team: Ou Ueno

Collaboration: Code-a-Machine(Curation/Coordination)

Location: 2-6-4, Ohtemachi-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

Usage: Furniture

Design: Oct.2020-Dec,2020

Construction: Feb,2021-Jul,2021

Completion: Jul,2021

Photo:Takumi Ohta

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