In collaboration with artek, we developed new products for the special collaborative exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland. The products were conceived by combining the manufacturing technique we developed for “ColorRing”, Jo Nagasaka’s furniture series presented at the Milano Salone in 2013, with Alva Aalto-designed furniture items including the stool, bench, and trolley. “ColoRing” is a manufacturing technique developed by reinterpreting and combining two types of traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques, namely an urushi (lacquer) manufacturing technique called “Tsugaru-nuri” and a wood finish technique called “Udukuri”.

Before this collaboration, our ColoRing products had been inevitably offered at rather high prices because they had been made by hand. Thanks to the collaboration with artek, our ColoRing series can now be manufactured at the factory by incorporating artek’s manufacturing techniques and offered at lower prices. These industrial products are results of the fruitful exchange of knowledge and wisdom between Japan and Finland.


Title: Artek ColoRing
Architects:Jo Nagasaka
Photo:(c)2019 Artek (Pictures of products), Mikko Ryhänen(Pictures of production in download press date)

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