Aesop Ginza

Brick is the main material used for the design of Aesop Ginza, the second boutique of Aesop that has been placed in an existing building. Located on a street called Brick Street (Renga Do-ri) in Ginza, the exterior walls of the 35-year-oldbuildingare coveredwithbrick. A narrow frontage like the one in this building tends to be less eye-catching, but the brickwork of the exterior walls has been continued into the interior space, creating a distinct, iconic store. Brick is usually applied to a plane, such as a wall or a floor, but here we used brick in a unique way; we have used it for both the vertical and horizontal surfaces.

title:Aesop Ginza
architects:Jo Nagasaka+Naoki Takatsuka/Schemata Architects
address:Ginza Chuo Tokyo
equipment : Kondo densetsu
floor area:38.04m²
completion :09/2011
photo:Alessio Guarino, Takumi Ota

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