We Have Moved to a New Office! 

Greetings from Jo Nagasaka on behalf of Schemata Architects. 
We have closed our Aoyama office and moved to a new office in Sendagaya, near Kita-sando metro station. 

Several years ago, we had decided to confine ourselves to an office at a convenient location and concentrate solely on design for a while. Since then, we had strictly focused on our work on the third floor of a big building. However, the place was detached from the outside world behind the narrow door and somehow lacked a sense of excitement, and we desperately missed being on the ground. We consulted Mr. Kimura, a real estate dealer at Transistor, and he recommended this old detached warehouse to us. In retrospect, it was the time when land prices were sky-high (and the property was in an expensive area), when the world was steering towards telework, and when we were thinking of reducing the size of the office––but we dared to rent a place larger than the previous location.

Yes, we “dared” to do so! And we are going to contemplate the meaning of this potentially pointless action and make the best of it. In addition to that, we used the self-build approach we had almost forgotten recently. Great collaborators including carpenter Takashi Takamoto who was one of the first-generation members at Schemata Architects, metalworker Tetsuya Hosokawa at SuperRobot, electrician Toru Nakamura and more, worked with and provided guidance and instructions to our construction team led by our junior staff members, and all of them dedicated time and efforts to carry out the construction during the declared state of emergency period. Many other people also helped us out as a token of friendship. 

Yet, there is still some work to be done! But anyway, we have moved in.   
The office is ready to welcome visitors for meetings, when the state of emergency will be lifted.
We hope to get the office ready somehow during the “state of emergency” period.
Once the COVID-19 crisis subsides, we would like to gradually invite you to our new office, a small group at a time. Please allow us some time. 

But leaving aside the unpredictable schedule, please stop by anytime if you are in the neighborhood. Even if you are far away, you are welcome to visit us if you feel like it. 

When the construction is finished, the first floor will be a “free space” occasionally used for meetings. We are looking forward to inviting you and doing something interesting together here. Do you have any ideas? We look forward to hearing from you.

Our new address is as follows: 

3-31-5 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku

Tokyo 151−0051 Japan

Tel: 81 (0)3 6712 5514
Mail: info@schemata.jp
Web: http://schemata.jp