FarmMart & Friends

Projects to create places I would want to patronize are very special to me, and I am willing to work with the clients no matter the budget, as long as we are on the same wavelength. This project is one such example. I often ride my bicycle to work, and this place is right on the way to my office. It is located in a quiet residential area away from the station. We designed a donut and grocery store there called FarmMart & Friends. Somehow I imagined myself stopping by there on my way home for a glass of wine, even though no one said anything about the project, and decided to get involved. And indeed, they started serving wine there, and the store became a place to enjoy a moment of happy everyday life on holidays. Given the limited budget, we enlisted help from Takashi Takamoto, our former staff member and a skilled carpenter, to design and construct the store, and we acted as supervisors. We made the best use of the existing structure to create a happy place where people can enjoy fresh food and invite others to join them.


Title:FarmMart & Friends
Architects:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects
Address:3 Chome-9-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Usage:Shop + Kitchen
Collaboration: Takamoto Works (Construction) HATADEN(Electricity) TANK(Signage Realization)
Total floor area:46.41㎡ 
Completion:February 2022
Open:March 2022
Photo:Yurika Kono

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