The Blue Bottle Coffee Shanghai cafe will be constructed in the Western-style-historical building, preserved by the city of Shanghai. However, the historical decorativeness is given only to the outside of the existing building. Inside, the RC structure of the pillars and beams is exposed.

We develop our idea focusing on the boundary between its historical and contemporary elements.

Aiming to shift the boundary inward, white molding walls and ceilings are installed in addition to the antique furniture and the counter made with old woods. On the other hand, existing concrete structures, glass and stainless steel furniture express the contemporary atmosphere.

The difference of materials and furniture between the ground floor and the second floor will create a distinct guest experience. Newly made furniture and concrete floors will give a cool impression to the quick visitors on the ground floor. The guests can enjoy luxurious time with vintage furniture on the second floor.


Title:Blue Bottle Coffee Shanghai Cafe

Architects:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects

Project team:Shota Miyashita Takuya Enta

Furniture team:Ou Ueno Sanako Osawa

Address:China, Shanghai, Jing an-Qu, Chang an-Lu 908


Cafeconstruction:RHY(Local Architect)

Collaboration: ZH DESIGN&CONSTRUCTION (Kitchen)

TaguchiAudio Co,Ltd,WHITELIGHT.Ltd(Acoustic design)

Site area: 762m²

Building area:190㎡

Total floor area: 390㎡

Structure: RC

Completion: 1/2022

Open: 2/2022

Photo: studio FF

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