Blue Bottle Coffee’s first cafe in Kobe is situated in the former foreign settlement.

The settlement was built for foreigners in 1868 when Japan opened the port of Kobe to foreign countries. Many old western-style buildings still exist and there is a distinct exotic atmosphere in this area. Daimaru Department Store Kobe is located at the entrance to the foreign settlement. High fashion brand stores line up on the ground floor and upper floors are occupied by Kobe’s top companies.

This building is not an old western-style building, but it is designed to look like one. Blue Bottle Coffee Kobe Cafe is located at a high-ceiling and ample store space on the ground floor, sandwiched between high fashion brand stores.

Our design aimed to maximize the sense of spaciousness by building a simple island-style structure where cafe functions are concentrated. We aimed to counterbalance the exotic atmosphere of the area with a simple yet distinctive element composed of divinely shining brass.


Title:Blue Bottle Coffee Kobe Cafe
Architect:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects
Project lead:Masami Nakata
Location:1 Maemachi Chuo-ku Hyogo Japan
Construction:TANK, Atelier Loöwe INC.
BOOTLEG (sign)
WHITELIGHT.Ltd (sound plan)
Endo Lighting (lighting plan)
Floor:1F (above ground level)
Floor area: 214.1m²
Structure: RC
Completion: 7/8/2018
Open: 7/20/2018
Photo: Takumi Ota

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